• What’s outdoor clothing

    Outdoor environment is complicated, to resist the bad environment of the harm to human body, protect the body heat is not lost and rapid discharge of sweat, police in mountaineering, rock and other outdoor sports, wearing the clothes.Outdoor clothing divided into city leisure sports clothing and ...
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  • Labor insurance clothing

    Labor insurance clothing is refers to the people engaged in productive labor to protect human safety and wearing clothing, has a cold, fire, wind, anticorrosive, and so on. Such as the steel workers and fire personnel wearing asbestos suit, “chemical factory workers wear acid proof, corrosi...
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  • About work fabric

    —The characteristics of tooling fabric   1. The economy  The most important characteristic of work clothes fabric is economic benefits. Many enterprises will be equipped with work clothes after their employees enter the company.Because of the number of employees, it is particularly import...
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